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“Maintenance manuals for made-up spaceships were one of Trevor’s pastimes as a kid, and his passion about written imagined futures and technologies has continued ever since. An MA in cyborgology helped. The editorial helm of a UK technology magazine provided some outlet. Back when it was still a new thing, web project management for publishers like Nature also pushed things forward.

Fascinations, work and education can’t be all that shape a writer’s life. Able to return to his love of words some years on from those web and magazine days, Trevor's first three books, a space opera trilogy, were offered contracts by UK and US publishers. His fourth, Making Contact, will be published with Hawkwood Books.”
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Making Contact

Hawkwood Books

Paperback, 15th September, 2021

Hiding down an alley, there’s a homeless man, an expert in communicating with ETs. Contact with aliens was the easy part. It is humans whom Seth is hoping to reach.

making contact paperback cover

What if humanity’s first contact with extra-terrestrials depended not on the brightest and best, but instead on a broken and homeless man?

“Faint, bright, brilliant, dazzling, brilliant, bright, faint and nothing there. To come now, a higher being, to respond like this after his emotionally charged cry for answers, it had to be more than mere coincidence, surely?”

When his friends give up on him, Seth Derreny marches to a hilltop, demanding answers to the biggest questions in life, and a spaceship zones in on his cries.

A beautiful story that reveals much about what we value and what we perceive as precious.

ISBN: 978-1-8380247-6-5
Contemporary/ Science fiction

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If this book were a piece of music It would be a little like this track, or similar: Pruina (link opens in Shazam) by They Dream By Day - a pseudonym for the Swedish artist Patrik Berg Almkvisth
Page count 240
Formats available to date Paperback (Great Britain).
RRP £8.99
Language English.
Publication date 2021-09-15.
Format 198mm x 129mm
ISBN 978-1-8380247-6-5
Categories Contemporary, Science fiction, Queer lit
Distribution English language, Great Britain. For rights in other markets, please contact the publisher.
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Before 2021

  • Elvira in “Migration”: the sixth annual flash fiction contest anthology for US outfit (OWI, 2019)
  • Brobots: The Complete Source Code (Beaten Track Publishing, 2019)

Author Biography

Trevor Barton had times as a boy when the parental home was not the right place to be, such as when, in his teens, one of his parents was killed. He’s enthralled by personal heroism and life’s profundity, though on the page only when contrasted with just how gritty all of our living can also be. It glitches, but he swears his internal mental physics engine is still just about in working order.

As a kid he wrote one song a week—usually on religious themes, but his sense of the world, and what could be done through writing, broadened hugely at Bath Spa where he delivered a play script with distinction: a study on a college girl living a sensorily deprived existence in suburbia, and having a mystical wake up. After this, his cultural studies MA drew on feminism, film studies, and what was available to him in AI philosophy in the late 90s to explore why our culture developed a myth of cyborgs—and what that tells us about ourselves.

He became managing editor of a nationally distributed web technology magazine very early on in his working life, then—enthused about new media—configured web apps or handled site construction for names like Nature and OUP. This got him bar-crawling Nashville or sharing sidewalks with alligators in Florida while on business trips to meet the staff behind leading scientific journals. He has since worked at management level in the charity sector, established several successful community groups in the area of mental wellbeing, and climbed mountains.

Able to return to professional writing again only recently, Trevor’s first three books, a space opera trilogy, were offered contracts by UK and US publishers. In 2019, it was this work which made him a top twenty author for the LGBT science fiction category, while he also had a short story published in a US sci-fi anthology. His fourth novel, Making Contact, will be published with Hawkwood Books for the autumn of 2021.


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